OTF Knives in Austria: Legal Aspects and Buying Tips

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OTF, or "Out-The-Front" knives, have become a popular choice for knife enthusiasts due to their unique design and reliable performance. If you are interested in acquiring an OTF knife in Austria, understanding the country's knife legislation is crucial. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects related to owning and carrying OTF knives in Austria.

Understanding OTF Knife Legislation in Austria

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In Austria, the Arms Act of 1996 (Waffengesetz 1996) governs the legal aspects of owning and carrying weapons, including knives1. This act defines weapons as “objects that by their very nature are intended to reduce or eliminate the defensive ability of a person through direct impact”, including all firearms2.

Legal Restrictions of OTF Knives

Austria allows the ownership and carry of most types of knives, including OTF knives, switchblades, and gravity knives2. However, the law prohibits the possession or carry of weapons disguised as everyday objects, such as belt buckles, cane-daggers, or blades hidden in pens1.

Note: The ownership of switchblades, OTFs, and gravity knives is prohibited for persons under 18 years.

Carrying Knives in Austria

While it is legal to carry knives, there are certain “unwritten rules” and societal norms that should be observed. For instance, you are not expected to carry a large knife in urban areas, such as downtown Vienna3

Generally, the way you act and carry yourself is more likely to draw attention from law enforcement officers (LEOs) than the knife you carry3. Being respectful, polite, and law-abiding ensures a hassle-free experience.

Weapons Prohibition Zones

In Vienna and some other cities in Austria there are some areas where you are not allowed to carry a knife, this includes OTFs of course, just be aware of this fact and check the rules before you visit a new city. In addition, many places have house rules that prevent you from carrying a knife, including most public transport.

microtech Exotic - Outbreak
microtech Exotic - Outbreak

Buying an OTF Knife in Austria

When buying an OTF knife in Austria, it’s best to stick to official dealers. This guarantees that you get a genuine product and that you’re well-informed about the knife’s features and legal considerations.


Microtech is one of the leading manufacturers of OTF knives. Known for their exceptional build quality and performance, Microtech knives are a great addition to any EDC (Everyday Carry) setup.

Tip: Always verify the dealer’s legitimacy by checking on the Microtech homepage.


With the new Livewire Kershaw joined the OTF market on an fair price point, you can check out our review if you wanna know more about it.

Other Brands

As well as Microtech and Kershaw, there are other reputable companies that sell OTF knives, such as Benchmade or Hogue Knives. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Shops where I have bought my knives:

There are many Knife Shops in Austria that dont carry OTF knives, some do carry them but dont have  the US Brands, and to be honest how could zyou think about OTFs without thinking of Microtech Knives. - Screenshot of Shop
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Austrian Knife Shops ( and

Final Thoughts

Understanding the legal implications of owning and carrying an OTF knife in Austria is essential for knife enthusiasts. Always check the local laws and norms to ensure you’re acting within the law. Remember, a knife is a tool, and it’s our responsibility to use them respectfully and appropriately.