Böker Solingen - M4 Sherman

About us

How it all Started

SomeKnifeReviews began back in 2021 as a passion project. First we wanted to create a custom blogging system to make the site unique and a place to find honest reviews for everyday knifes and more.

Microtech Ultratech with Glock 17 - Wallpaper OTF and Gun

The second attempt

At the end of 2021 we decided to rework our blogging system, as it was too much work to maintain. We decided to start from scratch and now we use a custom WordPress theme. This allows us the customization we want while still being able to use features to make our lives easier.

Go Live!

On the 27. January it was finally time to publish the website. We started to focus on publishing reviews for you all to read and are dedicated to make this a useful site for every knife enthusiast.

If you want to join us and help us make honest knife reviews, just write us on our contact page.