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Maxace Banshee V2 Review

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The Banshee V2, a butterfly knife that certainly does not disappoint. From a beautiful design, to an incredibly smooth feel. Definitely a knife that is worth a closer look.
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Premium butterfly trainer by Midnightcat

The feel of the knife

Balisong knives, often referred to as butterfly knives, possess a unique charm in the realm of blades. With two handles elegantly folding around a central point to reveal the blade, they embody a sense of intrigue and danger. This distinct design, while visually captivating, can also raise safety concerns due to its inherent complexity.

The art of swiftly deploying a balisong demands practice and finesse. However, beyond the mastery of its manipulation, the Banshee knife presents a pivotal aspect: its performance. In this domain, the Banshee shines brightly, setting itself apart from the crowd. Its construction features two handles intricately connected to the blade via ball bearings, resulting in a remarkably smooth and predictable action. Unlike its more budget-conscious counterparts, the Banshee boasts reduced lateral play, and the tightness of the screws exerts less influence on its stability. While many balisong knives are plagued by the issue of screws loosening during use, causing increased play and diminished predictability, the Banshee shows this flaw to a lesser extent, though not completely devoid of it.


Total length:25,8 cm
Blade length:10,8 cm
Blade thickness:3,4 mm
Weight:155 gram
Blade material: 14C28N
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle material:G10
Maxace Banshee V2 Gray Satin - Premium Butterfly Trainer

The design

Maxace has truly outdone themselves in the realm of design with the Banshee knife. The subtle elegance of the gray handle harmonizes seamlessly with the blade’s steel, while the CNC cut pattern bestows a modern aesthetic that complements functionality. The addition of red accents on the handles’ sides injects a dash of vibrant personality, elevating the knife’s uniqueness.

Notably, the grips are endowed with a subtly flat texture. This dual-pronged benefit enhances both aesthetics and functionality, providing a touch of extra grip essential for deft handling. Furthermore, the employment of standard torx screws presents a user-friendly feature, enabling hassle-free disassembly for adjustments or retightening, should the need arise.

A closer look at the screws

Screws, often overlooked, play a pivotal role in the performance of any balisong knife. These seemingly mundane components serve as the linchpin, holding the handles in their rightful places. Unfortunately, the Banshee is not immune to this universal challenge. While the torx screws facilitate relatively straightforward adjustments, the occasional issue of screws coming loose remains a point of contention.

Although the primary screws securing the handles have thus far remained steadfast, other screws—under the duress of heavy usage—tend to gradually relinquish their grip. This occurrence, while potentially irksome, pales in comparison to the disheartening realization of a missing screw. While thoughtfully designed and adorned in an understated gray hue, the screws’ significance becomes palpable when replacements are not readily accessible.

Maxace Banshee balisong closeup

The blade

The Banshee’s blade is made from 14C28N steel, stands as a testament to its excellence. Straight out of the box, it boasts an impressive and unexpectedly sharp edge. Its easily slices through various materials with ease. However, a word of caution is warranted: with a blade this sharp it is not recommended to practice tricks, as even small mistakes can lead to painfull accidents.

To address this concern, the Banshee knife includes an invaluable accessory: a training blade. This thoughtful addition provides a gateway to honing one’s skills without the looming apprehension of self-inflicted wounds. The training blade becomes an indispensable tool for those seeking to explore the realms of intricate balisong manipulation without compromising safety.

Maxace Banshee V2 Gray Satin Balisong

In conclusion

The Maxace Banshee balisong knife strikes a compelling balance between style and functionality. The gray handles, steel blade, and modern CNC cut pattern harmonize seamlessly, while red accents add personality. Although the recurring issue of loose screws persists, the Banshee remains manageable with attentive care.

Maxace successfully fuses aesthetics, performance, and safety in the Banshee, catering to a wide range of balisong enthusiasts.