Kizer Assassin Review

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The Kizer Assassin is a well made pocket knife with a button lock that shines in everyday use, especially the high quality materials like the 154CM steel that stands out in this price range. After many weeks of carrying this knife, I am more than impressed with its build quality.
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An introduction to the Kizer Assassin

When the blade is extended, the knife spans approximately 18cm, making it an ideal and standard size for EDC (Every Day Carry) knives. It’s best suited for those with medium to small hands. Personally, it fits my hand perfectly, though I believe that people with larger hands might find it less comfortable. If you have a preference for larger knives, this point is worth considering.

The knife is equipped with a flipper opening system, enhanced with grooves for additional grip. However, I must admit, I normally don’t use the flipper. Instead, I find myself opening my button lock knives using the lock mechanism directly more engaging and enjoyable.

One standout aspect that bears reiteration is the knife’s price point. At approximately $70, it offers remarkable value for money.


Total length:18.50 cm
Blade length:7.60 cm
Blade thickness:2.80 mm
Weight:98 g
Blade material: 154CM
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle material:Micarta

The Performance

The Blade of the Kizer Assassin

With a blade length of approximately 8 cm, the working edge of the blade from the Kizer Assassin falls in a good size for everyday knives, its impressive cutting performance and broad blade make it adept for high-demand cutting tasks. The drop-point blade design is particularly beneficial for piercing, making it an excellent choice for most EDC (Every Day Carry) tasks.

Furthermore, the 154CM blade steel not only delivers exceptional cutting performance but also offers commendable corrosion resistance, ensuring the blade’s longevity even in tough conditions.

The Lock

Kizer has opted for a button lock mechanism for this knife, bringing along multiple advantages. Button locks are extremely efficient in keeping the blade securely open, preventing any accidental closures. It’s essential to keep fingers clear of the button, though the knife’s handle design inherently minimizes this concern.

An added advantage of this lock mechanism is its single-hand operation capability. As mentioned earlier in the review, this feature particularly appeals to me, enhancing the overall user experience.

Kizer Assessin - Folding Knife EDC

Micarta Scales

Micarta scales are gaining popularity in the knife world, with an increasing number of brands adopting them as their handle material. The Kizer Assassin also features Micarta scales. These scales are not only well-crafted but also offer superior grip compared to the traditional G10 scales. Additionally, scratches tend to be less visible due to the fine texture of these scales.

In Conclusion

The Kizer Assassin pocket knife demonstrates outstanding value for its price. Its design boasts a sturdy 154CM steel blade, ideal for everyday tasks, and a convenient button lock that ensures safety. While its size might not suit everyone, its drop point blade design and Micarta scales solidify its position as a top contender in the EDC category.

Features such as its one-hand open capability further accentuate its user-friendly nature. For those looking for a reliable, high-quality EDC knife without breaking the bank, the Kizer Assassin stands as a compelling option.