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Microtech Stitch Review

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If you're looking for a knife capable of cutting down an entire tree, your search ends here. The Microtech Stitch is a splendid example of Microtech’s ability to manufacture impressive knives beyond their OTF comfort zone.
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Microtech Stitch - OTF Wallpaper

Introducing the Microtech Stitch

The Stitch from Microtech is quite a large and contemporary-styled automatic folding knife. It boasts a wide blade that remains noticeably dominant even when in a closed state. I personally own the stonewashed version of this knife, and I believe it may be the most striking blade currently in my possession.

The Stitch Auto series originated from a collaboration with Borka Blades and was initially introduced to the market in 2017. Over the course of its existence, various blade materials have been experimented with for this knife model. My 2022 Stitch Knife utilizes the M390 steel, a choice I appreciate greatly.


Total length:21,60 cm
Blade length:9,50 cm
Blade thickness:5 mm
Weight:177 g
Blade material: M390
Blade shape: Spear Point
Handle material:Aluminium

Handling and performance of the Stitch

Given the significant size of this blade, it comes as no surprise that this knife possesses considerable spring power. The button used to operate the knife is slightly larger than what is typically found on most button-operated automatic knives, boasting an unusual design.

This button’s size and shape provide sufficient force to trigger the button lock mechanism within. There’s a bit of travel distance before the blade is successfully deployed.

Constructed of high-quality steel, akin to the majority of contemporary Microtech models, this knife’s blade is built to endure and serve you for a lifetime.

Its cutting prowess is sure to impress you; perhaps due to considerable weight of the knife or the simple fact that this is the knife I take extra care to keep impeccably sharp. It slices through boxes with such ease that it feels more like gliding than actual cutting.

A closer look into the knife’s interior reveals an extraordinarily robust blade locking mechanism, ensuring that the blade is consistently locked in place securely.

EDC friendly?

Due to its substantial weight, I don’t often carry the Microtech Stitch like my usual EDC knives. It’s a bit too big for my standard pocket arrangement; however, many people prefer considerably larger knives for their EDC, making it largely a matter of personal preference.

Another factor to consider is the legality of carrying automatic knives, which is subject to local laws in your place of residence. All things considered, it is always advisable to review your local regulations before carrying this type of knife.

Microtech Stitch-A, closeup Button Lock
Closeup of the Locking Mechanic of the Microtech Stitch

Design choices of the Microtech Stitch

The Stitch comes with almost tactical look to it, it shouldn’t be underestimate how wide this knife is in the folding position with half of the blade sticking out of the handle.

This look is also well integrated in the mold of the handle, with an triangle pattern on it you get an nice aggressive look and an very secure grip.

The Blade Design

The spearpoint blade of this knife has an gap at the top part of the blade save some weight. This is quiet a big deal because with an thickness of 5mm the blade will be even with this hole quiet heavy.

With this special blade shape you have an good grip an the front of the blade for some more precise works and cuts, the finger coil is more than big enough for larger hands or gloves.


Microtech Stitch-A

Final thoughts on the Microtech Stitch

In my view, the Microtech Stitch-A distinctly stands apart from the other knives in my collection . It’s certainly not for everyone, but if the knife falls within your budget and you have a preference for carrying larger blades, I’d say go for it. You’ll be acquiring a top-tier automatic knife that is likely to outlast you.