Böker Plus - Kwaiken Air Titan - Folding Knife

Böker Plus Kwaiken Air Review

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The Böker Plus Kwaiken Air is an impressive gentleman's folder. It offers a highly functional design in a pocket-friendly shape. With Böker's choice of premium materials, this folder really shines.
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Böker Plus - Kwaiken Air Titan - Folding Knife

First Impressions

Gentlemen knifes, or smaller folder had always a place in my heart, and this isn’t my first gentleman’s folder from Böker, i also own an Gent-X which is my usual pick for days where i carry a suit.

Compared with the Gent-X the Kwaiken is the much more durable knife, i wouldn’t pick my Gent-X for more demanding EDC task so my new Kwaiken fits my daily office EDC kit much better.

I appreciate the slim design paired with a very practical blade size. The blade isn’t overly thin, so I don’t worry about using it for different tasks. In addition, the knife has a casual look that I like.

This feature is beneficial as it doesn’t draw attention or invite strange looks from my colleagues, making it a comfortable choice for everyday use.


Total length:21,30 cm
Blade length:9,00 cm
Blade thickness:2,40 mm
Weight:96 g
Blade material: VG-10
Blade shape: Straight Back
Handle material:Titan
Böker Plus - Kwaiken Air - Flipper
An good lock on the clean style of the kwaiken air

Design and Aesthetics of the Kwaiken

Let’s talk a bit about the basic style of this folding knife, like i said multiple times now, i would definitely describe it as an gentleman’s folder, its width is quite thin but its on the bigger size for any similar folder.

The scales are made from titanium with a stonewashed finish, i think this gives the knife a premium feel and look compared to some other knifes in this price range.

Also i am quite in love with the minimalist approach of the flipper tap on the Kwaiken Air, its quite small but has more than enough grip to deploy easily on most conditions.


Like most other knives with this form factor it has a very straight body shape, the ergonomics are not that great. However, it is more than sufficient for simple EDC (Everyday Carry) tasks. This knife is certainly not designed for hours of continuous use.

For this reason, I would not recommend using a knife like this in a wet outdoor environment or with gloves. The thin profile, combined with metal scales, does not provide the necessary grip for such adventures. Besides, this knife isn’t crafted for heavy-duty work.

Blade Performance

With VG-10 as blade steel its no surprise that this knife performs quite well, i got mine sharp out the box and it has still an very good edge.

The opening of the blade is also very smooth, personally i think snappy would be better. The flipper in combination with the ball bearings gives you a really good feeling whenever deployed.

Another positive aspect of a knife like this is that the liner lock appears to have substantial strength. On thinner pocket knives, you often find a thin piece of metal used for the liner lock. However, the Kwaiken Air seems well-equipped in this department..

The best gentlemen folders
My favorit gentlemen's folder next to each Other

The best Gentleman’s Folder?

For me this knife is a worthy opponent for the other well known gentlemen knives like the CIVIVI Exarch or the CRKT CEO i don’t think that i would want to decide between them, for all of those knife there are multiple versions of opening mechanics, handle materials and blade shape. So it wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

If I could only pick one of the three knives, I would probably still opt for the Civivi Exarch, but primarily for the front-flipper version of this knife. I believe a version like this would also attract many new enthusiasts to try the Kwaiken Air.


If you’re searching for a more compact knife and don’t mind a slightly heavier weight or fewer design options, the Kwaiken Air Titan is a solid choice. Its construction and material quality ensure longevity, and its refined appearance should complement most office EDC sets.

Should the design not align with your taste, or if you’re looking to save some money, consider the CIVIVI Exarch or the CRKT CEO. Both are exceptional knives.