CRKT CEO - Black


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The CRKT CEO is an ideal everyday carry knife designed by Richard Rogers. With a slim blade and more than enough length for any task you may encounter in your daily life, this knife is sure to become an indispensable part of your everyday carry.
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CRKT CEO - Black


The CEO is a well thought out knife, it focuses on being a light and compact knife that doesn’t sacrifice in its performance or Blade length, I really think the term Gentleman’s Knife describes it best. To Open the Blade you got a thumb stud that can be removed, here in Austria we are allowed to carry Knives that you can Operate with one hand but in many other countries there are laws where the Option to remove the Thumb stud will come in handy.

It also comes with an deep carry pocket clip, the pocket clip performs well and is quiet big, another well thought out detail is that the Clip looks quiet a bit like an ballpoint pen clip, this and the deep carry clip makes it a great companion for situations where you don’t want to show off your knife.


Total length:19,20 cm
Blade length:8,50 cm
Blade thickness:2,00 mm
Weight:60 g
Blade material: AUS-8
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle material:FRN

Custom Editions

CRKT CEO - Yellow - Bamboo and Classic Edition
There are many custom editions of this knife available, this is the Bamboo version


The Blade is made from AUS-8, a good choice for a knife in this price range if you ask me, its quiet good at retaining its sharpness and protecting the blade from rust.

Lets talk a bit about how sweet the opening performance of this knife is, the opening is just amazing thanks to some bearings and a well positioned thumb stud. This makes for a great experience every time you use it – it just flips right open and its really satisfying. Closing is also well thought out, especially on slim knives there can be the issue of your fingers having a hard time resetting the linerlock. The CRK CEO is close to perfection, the thumb stud cut out in the top scale helps you find the linerlock position every time.

CRKT CEO stacked

The Scales

The scales are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN), depending on the version of the knife there are different patterns on the scales. The standard carbon optic and the bamboo version have about the same grip. Its definitely not the type of scales that will hold on to your hands by itself, but I think with the general shape of the knife it is more than enough for most EDC tasks.

An small Issue

Ok, by now you’ve noticed that I’m a big fan of this knife. In fact, I have 2 of them right now. So I really hope this issue is only a problem with one of my knives. I got my blade stuck in the deployed position 2 times while playing around with it. And by stuck I mean like really stuck. I even had to get another knife to fix this problem and I am glad that this happened at home and not somewhere else.

Other than that, there was nothing that ruined the experience, my first one is over 1 year old and still works great.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a great city knife or just want to expand your collection with a versatile knife you cant go wrong with the CRKT CEO. For about $45 you get a great all-around knife that will be a lightweight and reliable companion.