Blade Steel

AUS-8 - Blade Steel

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Steel Composition

carbon 0.75 %
chromium 14.00 %
molybdenum 0.49 %
manganese 1.00 %

AUS-8 is popular blade steel and a good material for high quality, premium knives. This Japanese stainless steel, manufactured largely by Aichi Steel, is capable of achieving high hardness due to carbon and moderate amounts of chromium. With good versatility and balance between durability, edge sharpness, and corrosion resistance, AUS-8 responds well to heat treatment and exhibits good toughness, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry (EDC) knives.

What are the Advantages of AUS-8?

AUS-8 is a premium EDC knife steel that offers a good balance between hardness, sharpness and durability. Given its responsiveness to heat treatment, AUS-8 knives can achieve a high level of hardness, making them sharp and durable. As such, these knives stay sharper for longer periods, reducing the frequency of sharpening.

In terms of ease of sharpening, AUS-8 knife steel is relatively easy to work with, making it suitable for both professional knife users and hobbyists.

Disadvantages of AUS-8 for Knives

Although AUS-8 is stainless steel, its corrosion resistance is not its strongest point. The steel can corrode if not maintained properly especially if used in harsh conditions or stored in damp environments. So it requires a bit more care compared to some other stainless steels.

The wear resistance of AUS-8 is good but not outstanding as compared to some other high-end steels. Therefore, it may require more frequent sharpening if used for heavy-duty tasks.

Steel Rating

Steels with good edge retention will stay sharp longer, reducing the need for frequent sharpening

Edge Retention

3/6 Points

Toughness is the steel's ability to absorb energy and deform without breaking


3/6 Points

Corrosion Resistance measures how well the steel can resist rust and oxidation

Corrosion Resistance

4/6 Points

Sharpenability refers to how easily a knife blade can be sharpened to its desired edge


5/6 Points

This is a relative measure based on typical market values. The actual price can vary widel


5/6 Points

A higher HRC number typically indicates a harder steel, which can hold a sharper edge


57 - 58 HRC
Please be aware that this rating should be understood as a comparative measure. It's simply a rough estimation in relation to other knife steels.

Is AUS-8 Rust Resistant?

While AUS-8 has decent corrosion resistance, it can’t compete with steels that have higher chromium content. It can resist rust well under normal conditions, but if exposed to salt water or acidic materials, the resistance lowers significantly. Regular maintenance and oiling can help improve this knife steel’s rust resistance.

How Hard is AUS-8?

The typical HRC range for AUS-8 is between 57 and 58. This indicates a good balance between hardness and toughness. Its hardness allows the blade to retain its edge fairly well in normal use.

A higher HRC rating also means that the AUS-8 blades can withstand some amount of strain and flex without chipping, crucial for its use in EDC knives.

For What is AUS-8 Recognized for?

AUS-8 is a well-known steel in the knife industry, appreciated for its balance of quality and affordability. While it’s not considered the top of the line, its fairly good performance and reasonable price make it a popular choice among everyday carry knives. AUS-8 is known for being a reliable, hardworking steel that you can trust for general use.


All things considered, AUS-8 is a solid choice for EDC knives, offering a satisfying performance in durability, sharpness, and ease of care. While it might require a bit more maintenance than other steels due to slightly lower rust resistance, it still offers a great balance between quality and affordability. If you take good care of your AUS-8 blade, it can serve you well for a long time.