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Here’s a brief overview of the knife types we’ve reviewed. We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Böker Plus - Kwaiken Air Titan - Folding Knife

7 min read

Böker Plus

Kwaiken Air

The Böker Plus Kwaiken Air is an impressive gentleman's folder. It offers a highly functional design in a pocket-friendly shape. With Böker's choice of premium materials, this folder really shines.

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Premium butterfly trainer by Midnightcat

7 min read


Banshee V2

The Banshee V2, a butterfly knife that certainly does not disappoint. From a beautiful design, to an incredibly smooth feel. Definitely a knife that is worth a closer look.

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6 min read



The Kizer Assassin is a well made pocket knife with a button lock that shines in everyday use, especially the high quality materials like the 154CM steel that stands out in this price range. After many weeks of carrying this knife, I am more than impressed with its build quality.

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