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S35VN - Blade Steel

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Steel Composition

carbon 1.38 %
chromium 14.00 %
vanadium 3.00 %

S35VN, also known as CPM S35VN, is a high-end knife steel produced by Crucible Industries. This premium blade steel is an upgrade of the already remarkable S30V steel, offering improved toughness and machinability while maintaining excellent wear resistance and edge retention. S35VN is ideal for everyday carry (EDC) knives due to its balance of durability, sharpness, and corrosion resistance.

What are the Benefits of S35VN?

The S35VN steel is characterized by its excellent balance of hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for high-end EDC knives. Thanks to its fine grain structure, it is capable of achieving a razor-sharp edge that holds up well under use. In addition, the steel's high chromium content ensures outstanding corrosion resistance, allowing knives to maintain their pristine appearance even in harsh environments.

Another key advantage of S35VN lies in its machinability. Compared to the older S30V, this steel is easier to work with, allowing knife makers to craft blades with more intricate designs and finer details.

Disadvantages of S35VN for Knives

Despite its many advantages, S35VN steel does have a few drawbacks. Its premium status and high production cost lead to a higher price tag for knives made with this steel. Therefore, it may not be the best fit for budget-conscious consumers.

Furthermore, while it is relatively easy to sharpen compared to other high-end steels, it is still harder to sharpen than some lower-end steels. This might pose a challenge for individuals without much sharpening experience.

Steel Rating

Steels with good edge retention will stay sharp longer, reducing the need for frequent sharpening

Edge Retention

4/6 Points

Toughness is the steel's ability to absorb energy and deform without breaking


4/6 Points

Corrosion Resistance measures how well the steel can resist rust and oxidation

Corrosion Resistance

5/6 Points

Sharpenability refers to how easily a knife blade can be sharpened to its desired edge


3/6 Points

This is a relative measure based on typical market values. The actual price can vary widel


3/6 Points

A higher HRC number typically indicates a harder steel, which can hold a sharper edge


60 - 62 HRC
Please be aware that this rating should be understood as a comparative measure. It's simply a rough estimation in relation to other knife steels.

How Rust Resistant is S35VN?

Given its high chromium content, S35VN steel exhibits excellent rust and corrosion resistance. It can withstand exposure to moisture and other corrosive substances without easily discoloring or corroding. However, like all steels, it's not completely impervious to rust, so proper maintenance and care are still essential to keep the blade in top condition.

How Strong is S35VN?

With an HRC rating of 60-62, S35VN steel falls into the higher end of the hardness scale for knife steels. This high hardness allows the knife edge to maintain its sharpness for prolonged periods, reducing the frequency of sharpening needed. However, it can also make the steel somewhat difficult to sharpen without the proper tools and techniques.

For what is S35VN known for?

S35VN steel is highly regarded in the knife enthusiast community for its exceptional performance and durability. Its balanced attributes make it a top choice for a wide range of knife uses, from EDC knives, tactical knives to chef's knives. The steel's excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance combined with its improved toughness have earned it a solid reputation as a premium knife steel.

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Overall, S35VN steel is an exceptional knife steel that strikes a great balance between hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance. While it might come at a premium price point, its top-notch performance makes it worth the investment for those seeking an EDC knife that can handle tough tasks while retaining a sharp edge. It truly embodies what a premium blade steel should be.