Protech PDW - Tactical automatic folder

Protech PDW Invictus Review

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Pro-Tech is well known for their amazing automatic knives, and the Pro-Tech PDW Invictus is definitely no exception. With its clean and distinct tactical look, it shows us how good a ready-for-duty military knife can look.
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Protech PDW - Tactical automatic folder


The PDW is a push button operated automatic knife, it comes with a blade length of almost 9.00 cm. This would properly be on the large side for my personal taste, but Protech did not design this knife to be your normal EDC knife. I would say the PDW is more of a modern military folder with a focus on civilian carry, and it works quiet well as an EDC.

Next to my Microtech Ultratech, this knife is my most carried automatic. The handle is not too wide, so it fits nicely in your pocket, and the black deep carry pocket clip looks very discreet.

I also love the choice of materials, Protect opted for 154CM stainless steel combined with aluminium scales. You can’t go wrong with a stonewashed blade combined with some black and a touch of red on the fire button.


Total length:21,00 cm
Blade length:8,90 cm
Blade thickness:3,00 mm
Weight:165 g
Blade material: 154-CM
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle material:Aluminum

The strongest automatic knife i have ever hold in my hand

The PDW uses a lot of spring power to deploy the blade, I also own a smaller Protech and I can tell you they both hit very hard. This is not a knife to borrow from one of your no-knife friends. The opening of the blade will give your hand and wrist a good kick.

With an action like this, you should never have to worry about your knife opening properly, and even in a few years when the spring is a bit more worn out, this knife should still be very usable.

Protech PDW - Outdoor automatic knife

Design and Ergonomics

The blade of this knife is my personal highlight, with a smooth stonewashed surface and the rounded shapes with some unique design elements it just looks good, it also allows for some very solid frontal grips of the blade, this behaviour is also supported by a large finger choil on the blade.

On the top of the blade you can find some structuring that also helps with a good grip, the rest of the knife is generally more on the flat side, so in some situations I would really appreciate additional patterns for some extra grip if you need it, especially on the front part of the handle.

Protech PDW - Closeup

Simply beautiful

The scales are well made, the look of the groove in the aluminum just works very well with the rest of the knife. It feels like a call to action to move your finger forward on the red button to deploy the blade. And just to mention it, we need more of this highlighted button on automatic knives.

In Conclusion

It is not often that I leave the house with a knife like this, but I think the PDW Invictus is a good all-rounder. It should work in any situation and the knife will work particularly well in the military and law enforcement where you need something you can trust in tougher situations.