SOG Terminus XR - Outdoor - evening Image with whisky on a stone

SOG Terminus XR G10 Review

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The Terminus XR from SOG is the ideal companion for any urban environment, providing a secure and reliable locking system with multiple opening options and an ergonomic shape that fits most hands comfortably. This highly recommended knife is perfect for anyone in need of a reliable and dependable blade.
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SOG Terminus XR - Outdoor - evening Image with whisky on a stone

My experience

After 2 years of owning this knife I am still impressed how well it holds up, especially for its price point, I think you can currently get one for less than 80 Euros. But now lets start with some facts about the knife, the size of the knife is quite common for EDC knives, I quite like it, its a good balance between discreet carrying and usability.

The Terminus XR is by no means particularly crazy. Aside from the multiple ways of opening the blade, its a quiet normal feeling knife, but its just so good at everything that you cant go wrong with it.


Total length:18,20 cm
Blade length:7,70 cm
Blade thickness:2,60 mm
Weight:95 g
Blade material: D2
Blade shape: Clip Point
Handle material:G10

The design and ergonomics

In terms of design, SOG has gone for a quiet minimalist approach. At least if you ignore the big logo on the pocket clip, which I actually like. There aren’t many non-functional decorations on the knife, but I still think it’s a quiet nice sweet looking knife.

There are several color options available for the G10 version, the red color variation that I currently own comes with a stonewashed blade.

There is also a more tactical version available with a black blade and handle, the black version even comes with a different pocket clip to be even more discreet. So if you want to try the SOG Terminus XR for some military or law enforcement use, this version should be the more interesting one for you.

SOG Terminus XR - Outdoor - D2 EDC

The Lock Mechanism

The Terminus XR gets it’s name from it’s XR lock, this lock works a little differently than your classic liner or frame lock. It uses a small bar that locks the blade by sliding behind the blade. At the end of the day its just the name that SOG uses for their attempt at a crossbar lock. Benchmark calls them axis locks for example. Still, crossbar locks are known for being very durable.

In my knife collection I have at least 5 knives where a liner and even a framlock won’t lock the blade securely. And of course this is a big risk when you think about the position of your fingers when holding a knife. So hopefully we will see more companies trying them in the feature.


In my knife collection i have at least 5 knifes where a liner and even an framlock doesn’t lock the blade secure anymore. And this is of course a big risk if you think about your finger position while holding an knife. So hopefully we will see more company’s try them in the feature.

SOG Terminus XR red g-10 transparent background

To Summarize

The SOG Terminus XR is versatile and you can’t go wrong with it if you don’t have any special requirements. I wouldn’t take this knife on an outdoor trip, but I think it’s just great as an EDC knife in the city.

Just check with your local laws if you are allowed to carry a knife that you can operate with one hand, in this case the knife can be opened with one hand in 3 different ways, so even if you could remove the thumb stud (no screw to remove it so not a real option) you still have 2 more ways.