Lionsteel SR11 - with an flashlight

Lionsteel SR11 Review

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The Lionsteel SR11 is an incredibly durable EDC knife that is sure to last for generations. Crafted from Sleipner steel, the blade is sure to tackle any task with ease, while the aluminum handle provides the perfect balance of stability and comfort.
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Lionsteel SR11 - with an flashlight


If you are a long time knife enthusiast, you are probably already familiar with Lionsteel. Lionsteel calls themselves “The King of Solid Knives” and to be honest, the SR11 proves that in every way imaginable. Everything you touch on this knife feels solid and well made.  Every edge of this knife that isn’t supposed to cut or is the pointy end of the glass-breaker, is well rounded or sloped to help with a good grip and good feel in your hand.


Total length:21,30 cm
Blade length:9,40 cm
Blade thickness:4,40 mm
Weight:100 g
Blade material: Sleipner
Blade shape: Drop Point
Handle material:Aluminium


Lets start with some key facts about the best part of the knife, the blade. The Lionsteel SR11 comes with a total length of 18cm, the 8cm droppoint blade is very sharp out of the box and is made from sleipner steel. Sleipner steel is well known for its hardness and edge holding performance.

The handle of the knife is constructed with quality in mind, using aluminum to give it a sturdy and durable feel. Although the knife is not lightweight, it is still comfortable to handle due to its size. To make it easier to use in tougher tasks and with gloves, the handle has a grippy texture for a secure hold. Additionally, the knife includes a lanyard hole and several holes in the backside of the grip to reduce its weight.

I really like aluminum as a handle material, especially the bright colors from Lionsteel are just cool to look at, a friend of mine has one in black but to be honest I have so many black knives that I will stick to the colored versions, the Lionsteel myto also has a lovly blue color, I think I will pick one of those next time.

Lionsteel SR11, red
Lionsteel SR11, Red in hand


The Lionsteel SR11 is not only equipped with a classic glass breaker and a deep carry pocket clip, but it also has a locking mechanism to keep the blade open and secure. This lock works by turning the round metal wheel in the middle of the frame-lock, which slides the larger side of this wheel under the frame-lock to prevent accidental closure of the blade. This heavy-duty frame-lock provides extra security and I really appreciate the extra effort that went into including it.
It’s worth noting that it’s not possible to lock the blade in the closed position with this lock – only to keep it open.

Additionally, the tip of the frame-lock is replaceable, which helps ensure its longevity. This combination of features is something you won’t find in many knives, making it truly unique among its competitors.

Lionsteel SR22 - Red - Outdoor

Some Details

This image provides an excellent illustration of the replaceable frame-lock tip and associated closing mechanisms. You can see how seamlessly these features are integrated into the rest of the blade, providing an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional design.

What i don’t love about this knife

I have two small issues with this knife. First, right out of the box the pocket clip is very stiff and difficult to maneuver. It’s an unpleasant experience having to fiddle with it before I can put it in my pocket.

Additionally, I would love to have more grip on the blade. Currently, when I place my thumb on the top of the blade, I don’t feel a very secure grip, the back side is rounded and lacks any structural details such as grooves similar to those found on the Microtech Stitch Knife for example. This would help for more precise tasks.

Overall i think its still an amazing knife, i would just love to see this little details improved to make the knife even better.

In conclusion

The big “The King of Solid Knives” statement from Lionsteels doesn’t seem like a overstatement. The funny thing is, just as i was writing this review i noticed how many things i really appreciate about this knife. So if you are on the look-out for an knife that will survive yourself you should take the Lionsteel SR11 at least in consideration.